Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn Cosplay Guide

When we released our announcement trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, some (sun) hawk-eyed fans already saw updates to Alloy’s iconic outfit. The newly introduced armor that Alloy wore in our latest gameplay trailer prompted cosplayers to quickly start recreating his costume!

We understand that making costumes from trailers alone can be a daunting venture, so to help our community, our team set out to create our most detailed cosplay guide yet! For those wanting a closer look at Horizon Forbidden West’s new outfits, check out our cosplay guide below.

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AloyHorizon Zero Dawn Cosplay Guide

The Nora Huntress armor, originally stitched by Teb and accentuated by Alloy’s own design, can be found here.

As we prepare for the launch of Horizon Forbidden West in February 2022, Guerrilla has released a new Alloy cosplay guide!

It’s not often that a game company not only endorses cosplays, but goes into an effort to provide a gorgeous guide for cosplayers as they create their own! We are all incredibly grateful for Guerrilla Games’ continued marketing efforts, which continues with the recent release of the updated Horizon Zero Dawn (and Horizon Forbidden West) cosplay guide!


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