Horizon Zero Dawn Cosplay Watcher Gide 2022

As we prepare for the launch of Horizon Forbidden West in February 2022, Guerrilla has released a new Watcher cosplay guide.

We are all incredibly grateful for Guerrilla Games’ continued marketing efforts, which continues with the recent release of the updated Horizon Zero Dawn (and Horizon Forbidden West) cosplay guide.

Watcher is one of the most good designed characters of recent years and by far the most popular cosplay covered by Bell of Lost Souls. Cosplayers around the world have been making versions of Watcher since the original game was published, and their love hasn’t waned.

Utaru Harvester Armor uses a variety of natural materials found near the Utaru region, its cosplay guide can be found here.

Our team is very proud of our character designs, and we love it when they inspire you to create your own art. If you are planning to cosplay as a cosplay, or create any other type of art of Watcher using these cosplay guides, please feel free to get in touch.

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