How to Make a Cosplay Wig Fluffy

In this post, we will show you How to Make a Cosplay Wig Fluffy. We will provide you the best idea of making cosplay wigs fluffy. It’s not easy to do cosplay wig fluffy.

So, let’s start with the process of the seventh step to make your cosplay wig fluffy. Read the article carefully to do the wig fluffy.

How to Make a Cosplay Wig Fluffy

Oh, anime hair. Anime makers not only decide that any color in the gamut is fair game to put on one’s head, they like to add extra flair with some gravity-defying hairstyles, which in most cases are too big to pull off. The scale requires the amount of hair.

One of the reasons it’s so important to buy your wigs from specialized cosplay wig shops is that not only do these retailers have a full range of colors that better capture the most popular hair colors in anime, but the wigs. I will usually have a good amount of quantity for them (my favorite retailer is Arda Wigs). Even considering this, you’ll find that most cosplayers who take their wig-game to a pro level are combining two or three wigs to achieve the desired volume.

Well, then, the day came when I decided to cosplay Mimori Kishida from AKB0048 and I found out how incredibly curly and thick her hair is. I mean, look at him! It’s out of hand.

How to Make a Cosplay Wig Fluffy
How to Make a Cosplay Wig Fluffy

Seeing what was already out there, I decided to go with a wig from MoeMall, as it was already a very close match for style and color. Looking at the other cosplayers who also wore this wig, I felt like it just didn’t have that luscious oomph, so I decided to go ahead and fluff it up.

Step one: Decide what is going to give it volume.
I’ve seen a few tutorials that recommend teasing the hair to create volume, but it seriously freaks me out to destroy the wig with a technique that’s essentially detangling the hair. I wanted to be able to undo my work if I wanted to reuse the wig for other purposes.
I chose to use these ballerina bun hair donuts (I don’t know what else to call them), because they were so cheap and had nice texture. It’s like a little nylon coil that has some stretch.

Step two: Prepare the area that needs volume. In my case, I had to separate the front of the wig from the back, adding volume. Use the large hair to clips and pins to gently hold an hair.

Step three: Append the texture layer by layer. I already determined the layers where I would add extras using the weft of the wig as a guide.

Step four: Match the texture to the color of the wig. Although most of the extra texture should be hidden, I went ahead and used some Sharpie + Alcohol (wig dye formula) to spray the texture on and make it match the color of the wig.

Step five: Style the wig. This is the part where I made the extra lump hump.

Step Six: Add Accessories. Mimori wears a ridiculous frill that just magically sits on his head, I didn’t get the argument, but assumed it was some sort of wrap around the band.

Step Saven: This is a that best showcases how bulbous read the full steps to make Make a Cosplay Wig Fluffy.


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