How to Style a Wig Cosplay Look Natural

In this post, we will talk about how to style a wig cosplay. The styling idea will look Natural on your wig. The styling wig is the most important thing in the cosplay.

So, let’s start with the tips and tricks for hairstyle of wig cosplay to have the best and realistic hair and best 5 tips that you can try.

How to Style a Wig Cosplay



If you’ve used your cosplay wig too many times, it may start to look tangled and twisted. This makes it look old and can affect your cosplay look. If you want to restore the wig’s original quality and look, first detangle the hair with your fingers to remove any knots, then gently brush through, starting at the ends but it also works your way up to the roots. Then wash and condition the wig and finally once it’s dry, you can straighten it on low heat (less than 220 degrees Fahrenheit). It will definitely revive your cosplay wig.

French Braid

The hairstyle looks great on your cosplay wigs. Two French braids on either side of your head, or one French braid pulled to one side, are perfect for sporting a younger or more girly character! To do this successfully, you can braid hair by following YouTube tutorials. Adding flowers or glitter to the French braid style can be great for nature-related or charming cosplay characters.

Pigtails Similar to French

Pigtails can make your look feminine and youthful if that’s what you want. Pigtails can also look great dressed up as cartoon characters or real-life dolls. If you are dreaming of turning yourself into a cute and funny character, then you can do pigtails. This is a perfect choice of hairstyles for cosplaying. To add a twist to the usual pigtails, you can try adding curls to the pigtails, creating bangs or adding bows, fun cat ears or other accessories.

Short Spikes

If you want to create a different style perfect for anime, choose short spikes. This style can work well on wig-like textures and short bobs. You can also try hairspray and gel and twisting motions to the create the spikes.

Sailor Moon

If you’re playing a female cartoon character or anime character, Sailor Moon is a super unique and cute look to consider. High buns on both sides with long pigtails are perfect for cosplay. You will need a long wig for best results. This style takes a little more skill to create a high bun with long hair but it’s worth it.

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