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Styleing wig is not the easy thing. You need lots of think to give a perfect style a Wig and give a will matched looks. People are searching on Google how to style a wig without a wig head. I saw there are no solutions on Google, but don’t worry we have some easy tricks to style a wig without a wig head.

How to Style a Wig Without a Wig Head

If You want to style wig without a wig head. it’s not easy to cut wig without head. The head is the base where you put the wig. Wig Head is available on all of stores. If Don’t have the wig head or you don’t want to use wig head you have come to the right place. So, let’s start.

Using Table to Style Wig

You can use table to Style wig. First place the wig at the table at right manner than give support with your hand and cut the wig at the right manner. You need to be careful to style wig using table.

Using Table to Water Bottle

You can use Water Bottle to Style wig. First Cut the middle of the bottle and use glue to stick the wig. The place it at the right manner and start to style the wig. This will be the best wig head alternative to use. I think it will work best for you.


So, this are the best two ways to style a wig without a wig head. We have given two way using table and using water bottle. If you have questions what will be best option for styling wig without head that will be using a bottle that will work better. But table will do the job for you. If you liked the blog post don’t forget to live a comment.

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