Kokichi Ouma Cosplay Outfit, Wig, shirt, scarf, makeup and more

In this post, we will share Kokichi Ouma Cosplay Outfit. Kokichi Ouma Cosplay is from popular anima calls Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Danganronpa V3 is developed by novel and published by Spike Chunsoft. Kokichi Ouma is a popular role in that anima. Her Outfit and style is very unique.

People loves Kokichi Ouma for her unique style. If you want to become Kokichi Ouma cosplay then you have come to the right place. We will provide you the best Cosplay Outfits available of Kokichi Ouma on the market.

Kokichi Ouma Cosplay

Kokichi Ouma is an innocent looking young man with a beautiful face. She is small, thin and has very pale skin. She has purple eyes and medium long, wavy, dark-purple hair with a light purple tinge at She ends.

She official art book states that She doesn’t care about his hair and that the hairstyle is due to him playing with it. However, sometimes She uses the shadow of his ponytail to show himself angry.

She is wearing a white suit with several straps around his arms and two straps hanging around his legs. Apparently her pants look like a piece of punk fashion with bondage skins, but it’s really just prosthetic belts sewn onto the thicker parts of the thighs.

His shirt is open at the hem and the collar part is completely gone, and the bulk of the uniform is fastened with metal clips. In the middle of his shirt are colored buttons, some of which are usually hidden under his scarf, and on his right is a military badge.

Her scarf has black and white fields that alternate like a chess board. She also wears a two-tone black and purple slip-flat and appears to be wearing a white belt as seen in the character design gallery.

Kokichi Ouma Cosplay Outfit

Kokichi Ouma Cosplay Outfit is available on Amazon. We will provide you with the outfit on the internet at the chipset price possible.

Kokichi Ouma Cosplay Outfit
Kokichi Ouma Cosplay Outfit

Kokichi Ouma Cosplay Outfit is fully white. Kokichi Ouma fabric type is 100% Polyester. The outfit is washed with hands and hyle care.

Kokichi Ouma Outufit includes a Jacket, Pants, Scarf, bandage cosplay. She ware a uniform cloth. Kokichi ouma high quality and delicate handmade well-cut outfit. This cosplay of Kokichi Ouma is Perfect for Halloween, Comic convention, Carnival, Party event, School play.

Kokichi Ouma Outufit is available on all the sizes. It’s available on Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, 3X-Large.


Kokichi Ouma Cosplay Wig

Kokichi Ouma Cosplay wig color is Black. This wig made is Brand Cfalaicos. The wig Type is Short. Kokichi Ouma cosplay wig is Material Synthetic. Kokichi Ouma is Made for adult population. Koki Ouma is made with Length from tops to ends-14.9 Inches Approx.

Kokichi Ouma Cosplay wig
Kokichi Ouma Cosplay wig


So, we have shared with you the best Kokichi Ouma Cosplay Outfit. I hope your query on Kokichi Ouma Cosplay has been solved. If you like the Kokichi Ouma Cosplay Blog Post Make sure to leave a comment.

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