Tobirama Senju Cosplay Costume

Dress like Tobirama Senju from Naruto;

Tobirama was a light-skinned man with shaggy silver hair and black eyes. He had three red spots on his face, one under his eyes and one on his chin. In battle, he wore blue armor with a distinctive white fur collar over a plain black suit. This armor consisted of several metal plates built into several guards along his body. Under his shoulder armor he wore two additional shoulder pads on each arm. This dress was accompanied by sandals and a delight in place of the more traditional forehead protector. Happuri was originally engraved with the symbol of Senju, which was later replaced with Konoha.

Tobirama was a stern person who spoke eloquently on most subjects without shed light on the facts or the matter at hand. He had a practical approach towards life and believed that many problems of the world could be solved by clearly defined rules and laws. Although his words often came across as rude or insensitive, Tobiram himself was relatively calm and collected, rarely getting angry or overreacting emotionally. This allowed him to act as a counterbalance to the ideals of his older brother Hashirama: when Hashirama drifted into his wayward optimism, it fell on Tobirama and a more realistic approach to achieving those idealistic goals. Pushed through options.

Tobirama Senju Halloween Costume

Hashirama was generally disappointed with Tobirama’s intervention, but he usually agreed without protest. But Hashirama sometimes opposed Tobiram, often because Tobiram’s methods had become too forceful; On such occasions Hashirama’s rare outburst of anger was enough to repel Tobirama. Although he often had to break with his brother and the personal opinion that Hashirama was a fool, Tobiram loved and respected him very much and wanted Hashirama to respect himself as much as he and others.

Like the Hokage, it was Tobirama’s responsibility to protect this family, and anyone who threatened Konoha was exposed to his rare but unbridled anger. He modeled his leadership after both Hashirama and Madara Uchiha, attempting to strike a balance between Hashirama’s forgiving nature and Madara’s cruelty in defending the village. Tobirama wanted villagers from diverse backgrounds to move away from the tendency to think only of their own clan and instead think of the village as a whole. This is why he came into conflict with the Uchiha so often, because he felt that they too often put their own desires ahead of others; He believed that Madara was the worst example of this trend. Although Tobirama really hoped that the Konoha Military Police would help Uchiha concentrate on the village, he was not surprised when he took it as a deliberate insult when, in turn, he was accused of plotting a coup against Konoha. and when the planned coup took place, it nearly wiped them out. Despite this apparent prejudice towards the Uchiha, Tobirama was willing to work with any Uchiha that could dispel his “curse of hatred”; He cited Kagami Uchiha as a prime example of crossing this Uchiha.

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